Nursing Care Service

The population of elderly is increasing in our society. Everyone hopes to remain independent even when old, to have a comfortable life, and to enjoy their lives. These are common hopes to everyone. However our bodies undergo various changes as we age. We consider it helpful to provide solutions for future social issues by helping people to be self supportive after assessing “what the most important thing is” as well as taking the happiness of the care receiver into consideration.

Nursing care products for sale

(Products that we handle)
  • Bathing support products
    • Shower chairs
    • bathtub bars
    • chairs and grates for use in bathtubs
    • transfer boards
    • etc.
  • Bowel movement support products
    • Furniture-like chamber pots
    • portable toilets
    • toilet seat mounts
    • etc.

※We also offer a variety of daily goods for nursing care such as lightweight shoes, carts, and adult diapers.