May 1960 Established by Kazukiyo Wada.
Commenced sales of automobile parts and products in Osaka.
September 1966 Incorporated as Daiichi Yohin Co., Ltd.
Kazukiyo Wada assumed the office of representative director.
May 1970 Opened the Sakai office.
April 1975 Mr. Akihiko Takahata, the director of the Sakai office, spun off from us.
The name of company is Daiichi Car Yohin (in Koyo-cho, Sakai) and is still present today.
June 1978 Opened the Hirano office.
March 1984 Opened the Tobu office.
September 1991 Opened the Kadoma office.
April 1995 Established an Automobile Products Department.
September 1997 Established a Trading Department.
October 1998 Installed a second warehouse at headquarters.
May 2001 Hirotaka Wada assumed the office of representative director and Kazukiyo Wada of consultant.
May 2002 Purchased a New Building for the headquarters.
February 2003 Established a Nursing Care Service Department.
September 2003 Moved headquarters to the New Building.
Designated an approved house care service provider by the governor of Osaka Prefecture.
Began a nursing care service.
October 2004 Established the Habikino office.

Future of our company

Basic concept

  • The policy we use to earn profit is simple.
“First delight customers and help them prosper, and then we will too.”

The royal road of merchandising. However, just an idea without being put into practice is meaningless.
We have consistently maintained this style for the 45 years since establishment.
We’re always thinking of ways to delight our customers, which is the origin of our imagination.

The business we aim for

We declare ourselves to be a parts advisor!

The traditional system placing parts orders and delivering them are out of date.
Recently customers demand that we be parts advisors in order to satisfy their high requirements.
How can we provide customers with helpful information that is not available on the Internet?
Can we bridge the business-to-business transaction?
Can we reduce vehicle maintenance costs?
Now we’ll be put to the test.